Leroy-Somer's range of high-power modular drives is evolving in the shape of Powerdrive MD2 - an even more compact and user-friendly drive.
Powerdrive MD2
provides high-performance control of induction or permanent magnet synchronous motors, making it the ideal choice for any industrial or tertiary variable speed application up to 2800 kW.


Powerdrive MD2 incorporates a combination of rectifier, inverter and cooling modules, associated with electronic control boards. These power modules are assembled on a frame or in standard cabinets.

The combination of modules and the choice of cooling method (air-cooled as standard or liquid-cooled) make it possible to create multiple configurations optimised according to the application: 6-pulse, low-frequency harmonics, regenerative or DC bus solution.

Compact design

Compactness is Powerdrive MD2's strongest feature: :

The protection class for the standard cabinet-mounted version is IP21. An IP54 version is available with the same dimensions.

High-performance control

Powerdrive MD2 controls induction motors according to different modes (fixed U/F ratio or U/F ratio with dynamic energy optimisation, flux vector control, etc.). Thanks to its virtual sensor (sensorless) function, Powerdrive MD2 also controls machines with magnets without an additional sensor, thus offering substantial savings in terms of wiring and installation. The speed/position feedback option is ideal for applications where torque control is essential at zero speed, or those requiring very high dynamic performance.


Setup is simplicity itself, using the colour touch screen interface on the front panel which provides instant, intuitive access to parameters and the display of operating data. Data display with the drive stopped or running, time-stamping and data backup are just some of the functions offered by this user-friendly tool for process monitoring.
The advanced parameter-setting software MDX-SOFT offers the ease of use and power of PC-guided setup.


Powerdrive MD2 has a built-in safety function (Safe Torque Off) conforming to the requirements of standards ISO 13849 and EN 62061 which makes it suitable for integration in an SIL3 or PLe environment.
For smoke extraction applications, Powerdrive MD2 features a safety mode which allows the protection devices to be disabled for emergency operation.


To ensure reliability of operation, a preventive self-test is performed on each startup.
POWERDRIVE MD2 also incorporates time-stamping of the 10 last trips and tracking of the electrical, mechanical and thermal physical values preceding the last trip over a period of time.


The add-on fieldbus modules can be used to adapt the drive to control/monitoring systems, such as MDX-MODBUS, MDX-PROFIBUS, MDX-ETHERNET/IP, MDX-ETHERNET MODBUS TCP and MDX-CANOPEN.

Energy savings

Powerdrive MD2 reduces energy costs while improving processes and productivity. The Powerdrive MD2 Dyneo® and permanent magnet motor (LSRPM or PLSRPM) solution creates the most powerful drive available on any market where energy efficiency is a priority.

Diversity of technical solutions offered:

Powerdrive MD2 is the ideal high-power variable speed solution for any application - pumping, ventilation, centrifugal treatment, compressors, handling, etc.


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